Digital Orbital Flask Shaker HY-4C, 12 Flask, 360 RPM, ESMC, Wincom, China


Orbital Flask Shaker, HY-4C, 12 Flask, 360 RPM, China

  • Model: HY-4C 12
  • Brand: Wincom
  • Origin: China
Laboratory HY-4C Orbital Flask Shaker 12 Flask


Modulate velocity the multipurpose oscillator is one kind of raise preparation biology sample biochemistry instruments scientific research, the education and the production department essential test installation and so on plant biology, microorganism, biological preparations, heredity, virus, medicine, environmental protection.

Technical Parameters

  • Frequency of Vibration: 0-360rpm
  • Range of Vibration: 20mm
  • Timer: 0~120min
  • Working size: 44x26mm

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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