Digital Water bath, HH-6, 6 Hole, ESMC, Wincom, China


Water bath, HH-6, 6 Hole, China

  • Model: HH-6
  • Brand: Wincom
  • Origin: China


Thermostat water bath tank is a necessary instrument widely used for testing activities in the scientific and educational department of medicine and sanitation, biology, destructibility, environment protection and aquaculture, such as desiccation, inspirations, distillation, soak age and so on.

The main features are as following:
  • Temperature is controlled accurately and automatically with digital display.
  • The container of the instrument is made of stainless steel with a super function of anti-cauterization.
  • It’s easy and safe to operate.
  • A magnetic time stirrer can be installed to satisfy customer’s need to enhance its equality and accuracy.


  • Model: HH-6
  • Capacity: 6 Hole
  • Temperature range: RT-100 degree
  • Power: 1.5KW
  • Working Size: 46x30x12cm

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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