Digital WZZ-1S/1SS Automatic Polarimeter



Polarimeter is to determine the degree of physical rotation instrument. Through the determination of optical rotation of the sample, determine the sample concentration, purity, sugar content, or content.

It is widely used in sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, drug test, food, spices, monosodium glutamate, as well as chemical, oil and other industrial production, scientific research and teaching departments for technology analysis or quality control inspection process.


Using photoelectric detection and automatic servo control, digital display readings can be measured dark samples


  • Measurement range: -45°~+45° -120°Z~+120°Z
  • Minimum reading value: 0.001° 0.01°Z
  • Accuracy: ±(0.01°+measured value ×0.05%) ±(0.03°+measured value ×0.05%)Z
  • Repeatability (maximum deviation): ≤0.002° ± 0.006°Z
  • Minimum transmittance sample can be measured: 1%
  • Size: 600mm × 320mm × 220mm
  • Quality: 30kg

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