Disposable Non-Oven Blue Patient Isolation Gown, ESMC, Bangladesh

Disposable Patient Isolation Gown, Blue– Best Quality and Professional
  • Brand: China
  • Origin: China


  • FDA Registered
  • Convenient one size fits all
  • Elastic wrists keep long sleeves in place
  • Can be used as a dust jacket and clean-room Garment.
  • Can be used for surgical procedures, patient treatment; public places epidemic inspection; virus disinfect contaminated areas;
  • Can also be widely used in military, medical, chemical, environmental protection, transportation, vaccination, etc.

This Blue Level 1 Disposable Patient Isolation Gown can help protect your clothing from fluids and contaminants which may be harmful and toxic to our health. Our one size fits all isolation gowns cater to the size of all wearers. It also features long sleeves with elastic wrists at the end which help keep the long sleeves in place for prolonged comfort. The gown also comes equipped with tie strings at the back which make the gown suitable for any size of wearers.

Our isolation gowns are FDA registered to provide a sense of assurance to wearers from different work environments. Each gown is designed to meet the unique needs of wearers which include comfort and size. The gown is made of plastic to stay waterproof which makes it easy to wipe or clean when being worn.

Isolation gowns are necessary to maintain hygiene of workers who are performing duties at a place that is prone to spills and splashes. The gown captures the impurities which will be rid of at the end of the day when it gets disposed of. This process protects the wearer and prevents them from transferring any contaminants to others.

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