Dissolved Oxygen Meter-VBQ Pro1603OXY


#DO meter VBQ Pro, DOG-2092


The technology of this dissolved oxygen meter is from Germany, We use circuit technology that other manufacturers are not to make now, so we offer exceptionally long warranty time: 3 years. It integrates VariPower® wide-range power supply chip, so it can work at any power 20…253 V AC/DC, even with large fluctuations in supply voltage


Fermentation tank Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals industry Food and beverage Chemical production Paper, starch pulp, petroleum smelting, Ion exchanger regeneration, boiler water, cooling water etc.


Germany technology and 3 years warranty.

Integrated with VariPower wide power:20…253 V AC/DC

Use less electronic components and lower energy consumption than other manufacturers.

Long 110 years mean time between failures (MTBF)

Use a rugged PBT housing and a rigid metal conduit

Technical parameters

Measuring range 0.00~1 9.99mg / L Saturation: 0.0~199.9%
Resolution 0. 01 mg/L    0.01%
Accuracy ±1%F.S
Control range 0.00~1 9.99mg/L  0.0~199.9%
Output 4-20mA isolated protection output
Communication RS485
Relay 2 relay for high and low
Relay load Maximum: AC 230V 5A,Maximum: AC l l5V 10A
Current output load Allowable maximum load of 500Ω.
Operating voltage AC 220V l0%, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 96 × 96 × 115mm
Hole size 92 × 92mm


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