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Since its inception in 2002, DLAB Scientific (formerly known as Dragon Laboratory) has been a leading supplier of high quality laboratory equipment. DLAB Scientific has its corporate offices in China and also established subsidiaries in United States, Europe and India to enhance its business operations along with the expansion of its warehouse distribution. Our corporate facility is designed with International operation standards in about 21,000m2 total area.
Over the years, the company has improved its product development, manufacturing and product portfolio utilizing state of the art technology solutions. We have developed and produced over 150 products that are being deployed in various environments from small to very large enterprises. We have developed a very strong network of over 500 distribution partners all over the world providing an impressive reach and accessibility to our end users.
Our brands including: DLAB, DRAGONLAB, DRAGONMED, DRAGON etc.
DLAB Scientific Co., Ltd has its headquarters in Beijing, the capital city of China. It is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality laboratory equipments. With growing international presence and customer service requirements, the company established its subsidiary operations in United States, Europe and India and changed its name to DLAB Scientific in 2016. Our products offer unparalleled performance and value. All DLAB products are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001/13485.
We are positioned to be an one-stop supplier of a wide range of general laboratory devices & instruments, covering chemical, biological, and clinical diagnostic labs.
Our dedicated and experienced R&D team and sourcing capability enable DLAB to provide you with the most cost-effective and time bound solutions. Through our enabling products, we bring high performance, great reliability, high accuracy and unbeatable value.
With the vision “To become a Leading Manufacturer of General Lab Equipment” and the Mission “Excellence in Manufacturing to Serve Science”, DLAB Scientific is an established high value laboratory equipment supplier dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative and reliable application tools with unmatched performance to enhance customer operation success and value.
All DLAB instruments are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001/13485. Our goal is to be one-stop supplier of a wide range of general laboratory devices & instruments covering chemical, biological, environmental, forensic, food and clinical diagnostic applications. Our technical experts with dedicated R&D team ensure to offer the most effective and time saving solutions. Our products provide comfort, accuracy and convenience to conduct safe and efficient experiments during research. We are experienced in developing and providing customized products suitable for end user applications. We are partners with many prestigious companies and institutions throughout the world.
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