Double beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer & Single beam UV Spectrophotometer

Double beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer & Single beam UV Spectrophotometer


🐦Double beam optic type and embedded PC (window xp)

🐦17″ color LCD monitor or touch screen monitor (option)

🐦Universal sample rotating cell holder holds 8 cells & 1 blank

🐦Superb optics for maximized accuracy and reliability

🐦User- friendly software, USB ports and accessory connection

🐦Versatile data processing and better in holding memories

🐦This economical scanning spectrophotometer produce first-rate result using any UV analytical method

🐦Ideal for DNA,Protein,kinetics and more

🐦High quality components & system enable superior resolution

🐦Specify method parametric setup using simple on-board keypad control of from computer


Model Optizen 3220UV UV-3300
Description Scanning UV-VIS Scanning UV-VIS
Bandwidth 1.0 nm 1 nm
Wave length 190 – 1100 nm 190 -1100 nm
accuracy ± 0.3 nm at 656.1 nm ±0.2 nm
repeatability ± 0.1 nm ± 0.05 nm
Scanning speed Max. 3000 nm/min Max.1000nm/min
Photometric system Double beam photometric system Single beam photometric system
accuracy ± 0.004Abs (STD) at 0.1 Abs ±0.004 Abs(O.5 to 1.0Abs)
repeatability ± 0.002 Abs (STD) at 0.1 Abs “;’0.002 Abs
Stray light <0.05% at 340 nm <0.05% at 340 nm
Source lamp Pre-aligned tungsten & Deuterium lamp Halogen & Deuterium lamp
Display 17″ color monitor with soft ware Graphic LCD
Detector 2 silicon photodiodes High sensitive silicon photodiode
Output PC,USB,USB Memory, serial printer PC,USB,RS232 & Serial printer
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz 90-240VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 600x400x250mm 440x425x225 mm
Weight 35 Kg 15 kg

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