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Drawell Scientific is a professional group that designs, manufactures and distributes scientific products used in the analysis of Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Research, Education, Food QC, Environmental science, Chemical industries, Aquaculture, Wastewater and many other areas.
The company started in 1999 in China, and has become an joint venture after being invested by an US company since 2014. Now there are 4 companies under Drawell group, here blow:
—Chongqing Drawell Instrument Co., Ltd. (based in Chongqing)
—Shanghai Drawell Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd. (based in Shanghai)
—Chongqing Drawell Technology Co., Ltd. (based in Chongqing)
—Drawell International Technology Limited (based in HongKong)
Drawell’s philosophy is to provide customers with an easy and common approach to achieve their testing demans, with an affordable price. In the current competitive market, Drawell has been growing every year with this philosophy and continuously invests in research and development to expand our knowledge, to improve our quality and efficiency, and to offer the best technical support for our customers.
Meanwhile, Drawell is committed to explore the different markets by attending overseas exhibitions, such as Arablab, PICCTON, Analytica Russia, Lab Africa, Analytica Munich, Analytica Latin America, Thailand Lab etc. Thus, Drawell already has established business relationships with customers from more than 50 countries, and enjoyed a good reputation through reliable quality, reasonable price and good service.

Our mission is to supply customers around the world with practical, cost-effective solutions for their analysis, to make their researched more accessable, as well as to enable them to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.
Product Line
DRAWELL is specialized in laboratory instruments, including
Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS/AAS/XRF/RAMAN/NANO), Chromatography (GC/LC/IC), Heating Equipment (Incubator/Oven/Water Bath), General Products (Centrifuge/Microscope/Pipette/Balance/Water Bath) and many others.
Quality control
We manufacture all the products with strong stability and great quality. Our engineers strive to achieve higher standards by adopting advanced materials. All Drawell products are in compliance with international standards and our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified.


  • Incubator & Oven
    CO2 Incubator
  • Anaerobic Incubator
  • Drug Stability Testing Chamber
  • Artificial Climate Chamber
  • Biochemistry Incubator
  • Drying Oven
  • Heating Incubator
  • Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Shaking Incubator/Shaking Water Bath
  • Sterilizer
  • Spectrophotometer & Spectrometer
  • UV-VIS
    Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Single Beam UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Split Beam UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Double Beam
  • Touch Screen UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Color Spectrophotometer
  • Flame Photometer
  • Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • AAS
  • Raman Spectrometer
  • XRD X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Carbon & Sulphur Analyzer
  • ICP Emission Spectrometer ( ICP-OES/AES )
  • Full Spectrum Direct Reading Spectrometer
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Nano Spectrophotometer
  • NIR
  • FTIR
  • Fluorescence Spectrophotomete
  • Chromatography
  • Chromatography Column
  • Ion Chromatograph
  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Medical Equipment
  • Patient Monitor
  • Biochemistry Analyzer
  • ELISA Reader
  • PCR
  • Physical Property Test Instruments
  • Density Meter
  • Melting Point Meter
  • Refractometer
  • Polarimeter
  • Lab Mixing Equipment
  • Rotator
  • Tube Roller
  • Shakers
  • Mixer
  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • Homogenizer
    Ultrasonic Homogenizer
    Non-contact Ultrasonic Homogenizer
  • Ultrasonic Homogenizer
  • High Pressure Homogenizer
  • Blender Stomacher
  • Portable Homogenizer
  • Sterilization Equipment
  • Water Distiller
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Autoclave
  • Portable Sterilizer
  • Vertical Sterilizer
  • Freeze Drying Machine
  • Silicone Oil Heating Freeze Dryer
  • Electrical Heating Freeze Dryer
  • Desktop & Vertical Freeze Dryer
  • Centrifuge
  • Mini Centrifuge
  • Beauty Centrifuge
  • Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Floor Ultra-capacity Centrifuge
  • Benchtop High-speed Centrifuge
  • Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge
  • Refrigeration Equipment
    2-8 Degree Pharmaceutical &Lab Refrigerator
  • 4 Degree Blood Bank Refrigerator
  • 20-24 Degree Blood Platelet Incubator
  • -25 Degree Low Temperature Freezer
  • -40 Degree Lab & Medical Deep Freezer
  • -60 Degree medical deep freezer
  • -86 Degree Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer
  • -150 Degree Chest Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer
  • Combined Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Temp-control Equipment
  • Ice Maker
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Dry Bath
  • Water Bath
  • Rotary Evaporation
  • Water Bath Rotary Evaporator
  • Oil Dual-Purpose Rotary Evaporator
  • Water Dual-Purpose Rotary Evaporator
  • Multi Manifold Rotary Evaporator
  • Large Capacity Floor Type Rotary Evaporator
  • Automatic Pure Water Distiller
  • Vaccum Pump
  • Laboratory Balance
  • Density balance
  • High Capacity Balance
  • Plastic Cheap Balance(0.01g+0.1g)
  • Electronic Balances ( 0.01g/0.1g )
  • Precision Balance(1mg)
  • Analytical Balances (0.1mg)
  • Moisture Analyzer
  • Weighing Scale
  • Microscope
  • Inverted Microscope
  • Polarizing Microscope
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Digital Microscope
  • Fluorescence Microscope
  • Stereo Microscope
  • Biological Microscope
  • Lab Furniture
  • Biosafety Cabinet
  • Laminar Flow Cabinet
  • Fume Hood
  • Electrochemistry Instruments
  • Titrator
  • Turbidity Meter
  • COD & BOD
  • Electrochemical Instruments
    PH Meter Series
  • Conductivity Meter Series
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter Series
  • Multi-parameter Analyzer Series
  • pH/Ion Meter Series
  • Visometer
  • UPS
  • Water Purification
  • Extention Parts
  • RO DI Series Reverse Osmosis/ Deionized Water System
  • Center EDI Series Ultra PureWater System
  • Center EDI Series Deionized Water System
  • Center Series Ultra PureWater System
  • Center Series Deionized Water System
  • Dura Series Ultrapure Water System
  • Dura 12/24 Series Ultrapure Water System
  • Super Series Touch Ultra Pure Water System
  • Basic-Q Deionized Water System
  • Medium-R Double-stage Reverse Osmosis Ultrapure Water System
  • Medium-1600 Series Water Purification System
  • Medium-S Ultrapure Water System
  • Medium-Q Deionized Water System
  • Medium-RO Reverse Osmosis Water System
  • Smart-D Ultrapure Water System
  • Smart-S Ultrapure Water System
  • Smart-Q Deionized Water System
  • Smart-RO Reverse Osmosis Water System
  • Master-D Ultrapure Water System
  • Master-S Ultrapure Water System
  • Master-Q Series Deionized Water System
  • Master Touch-D Series Deionized Water System
  • Master Touch-S Touch Series Deionized Water System
  • Master Touch-Q Series Deionized Water System
  • ECO-S Series Deionized Water System
  • ECO-Q Series Deionized Water System
  • Electrophoresis/Gel Documentation
    UV Transilluminator
  • Gel Documentation System
  • Power Supply of Electrophoresis
  • Electrophoresis
  • Liquid Handling
  • Dispenser
  • Pipette
  • Pipette Aid
  • Pipette Stand
  • Electronic Pipette 12 Channel
  • Pipette 8 Channel Pipette
  • Single Channel Pipette
  • Kjeldahl Nitrogen Apparatus
  • Soxhlet
  • Digestion Furnace
  • Fat Analyzer
  • Fiber Analyzer
  • Kjeldahl Analyzer
  • Microwave Digestion
  • Drug Testing Equipment
  • Vacuum Pump

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