Dry ice making machine _EIE-POY-06


#Dry ice making machine – wooden type_EIE-POY-06


A small, compact, automatic machine for producing solidified carbon dioxide cakes having in built regulator. It is useful for small batch techniques of freeze drying microtome, distillation etc.

Simple To Use

Hand operated, it works on joule Thomson system.

Economic factors

Transportation of dry ice, where available, results in wastage and is not economical to end user. This can be eliminated in total by using this Product.


Dry Ice can be made available at any moment.

Safety Feature

Safety lock prevents opening until pressure is released. Relief valve indicates formation of cake and also releases any excess pressure that may have developed in the unit.

Operating Instructions

Connect the machine to CO2 cylinder by copper tube supplied with the unit, and allow carbon dioxide to flow into the unit till the hissing sound is heard from relief valve (in approx. 30 seconds). Lift the lid and the cake is ready for use.

Each cake weigh 500 gms.

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