Electric lift cleaner


#Full automatic electric lift cleaner ZFL260/ ZFL370/ZFL480


1. 7.1-inch LCD touch screen, RS232 data output shows various programs, operation stages, temperature and machine faults.
2. RS232 interface can download program, which is convenient for engineer to diagnose and user to program;Printer can be connected to print the cleaning process.
3, one-key operation is simple and convenient;Six standard custom programs, 30 modifiable stored program groups.
4. Two standard peristaltic pumps are equipped to control the amount of cleaning agent, and can be adjusted according to the needs of users (two pumps are equipped as standard, and can be added to 4) (the addition capacity of peristaltic pumps is 360ML/MIN)
5. It is equipped with Swiss Huba liquid level control sensor to prevent the loss of water and detergent in the cleaning cabin.
6. Three standard PT100 temperature sensors provide water heating, drying and cabin temperature display respectively.
7. Automatic fault diagnosis program, automatic buzzer alarm, fault information will be displayed on the screen when the instrument fails, indicating the location of the problem and facilitating the engineer to provide maintenance;The instrument also prompts warning information to prompt users to deal with it in time.
8. Provide thermal disinfection at 93 ℃ in accordance with international standard EN ISO 15883-1/2.
9, can be connected to cold water, hot water or deionized water three water sources, equipment for two-way water, connected cold water, hot water or deionized water, according to the program design from different water sources, speed up the cleaning speed, save energy.
10. The exterior is made of 304 wire-drawing plate stainless steel, which is beautiful and generous, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The cabin body is made of AISI 316L stainless steel by external welding, and the cabin body is designed with rounded corners and slope base, so as to avoid dirt residue and bacteria generation without dead corners.
11. Standard three-layer stainless steel filter screen can effectively intercept dirt and prolong the service life of the pump.
12. Double-layer insulation door can reduce heat loss and electricity consumption, low noise design, noise maintained below 50DB.
13. Standard HEPA filter, clean and dry air.
14. The unique ESL circuit control technology prohibits the opening of the door during the operation stage of the equipment, and the current operation procedure must be suspended or stopped before the door can be opened.
15. Touch screen operation, optional USB port, USB disk can be inserted to record various control parameters in the cleaning process in real time, and text format can be exported to the computer, which is convenient for the laboratory to record the cleaning process.
16. The design of the front opening medicine box is convenient for users to change.
17, PC remote connection control technology, remote modification of cleaning parameters, to achieve the laboratory cleaning and isolation of dangerous goods.
18. Safety door touch control system, sensitive induction, detection of obstacles, automatic stop of door closing action.
19. High temperature protection function, high temperature protection start above 40 ℃, automatic door locking, to ensure the safety of operators.
20. Automatic door opening and closing, gear connection and imported travel sensor ensure more stable performance of the equipment.
21. Full transparent glass window, cleaning process is clear at a glance.


Parameter Name ZFL260 ZFL370 ZFL480
External Dimension 1090X760X1775 1160X865X1855 1310X920X1900
Cleaning of cabin space 262L 372L 456L
Cleaning tank size 580X550X970 650X650X1057 700X700X1114
Cleaning space 210L 300L 360L
Power Source 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Total rated power 7.5KW 11KW 12.5KW
Maximum noise 50DB 50DB 50DB
Working Environment +5——40℃ +5——40℃ +5——40℃
Circulating pump power 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw
Circulating pump flow 950 950 1200
Water Heating Power 6kw 9kw 9kw
Drying Fan Power 1.3 1.3 2.2
Drying Heating Power 3.6 3.6 7.2
Peristaltic pump dose 360ML/MIN
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