Electric muffle furnace, FTMF-P series


#Electric muffle furnace, FTMF-P type series 27L t0 216L

The high-performance ELECTRIC MUFFLE FURNACE with its advanced
features & stylish & user-friendly design for every diversified user in the world


Very suitable for various purposes like gravimetric analysis for organic substance and measurement of quantity for coal and lime. With the distinguished Digital P.I.D controller, it provides you with precise control of temperature and easiness to operate this equipment. By the highly efficient heater installed in the four sides of the chamber, it directly heats materials which are handled. With this excellent feature, it surely reduces time of temperature climb. To prevent it from over heat and short circuit, the specialized safety device is installed. By using the ceramic wool as a insulator, it maintains consistent temperature. Easy to set up time of temperature climb and drop. The three programs which are saved in accordance with your own intention enable you to interlock and change and it is also possible for you to correct it for your purpose. (This is optional part). Reservation functions of operation and self diagnosis.

FTMF series models

General Specifications

Type Natural type




Range: Amb +5℃ ~below 1,000℃
Accuracy : ±3℃
Controller : Digital PID Controller
(Program:5 pattern 18step)
Regulator : Triac Controller(SSR)
Thermocouple PT-100Ω


Range : 99hr 59min
Controller : Digital Display



(In) : Ceramic Fiber
(Ex) : Steel Plate with Powder Coating
Insulation : Ceramic Fiber
Safety Device          Over Temperature Limit, Over Current Gause
Power AC 220V 50/60Hz 1Ø

Individual Specifications per Model

Model  FTMF-706/706P  FTMF-707/707P FTMF-708/708P FTMF-709/709P
Temperature Range  300  ~  1,000°C(Max. 1,150°C)
Ascending Temp.   800°C
Ascending Time  Approximately 23 min Approximately 45 min
Temp. Controller Digital PID controller (Program type: 5 pattern 18 step)
Temp.  Indication Setting Temperature & Measuring Temperature
Heat Transmission  K-type
Feature  PID, Timer function for temperature control(99h, 59min)and self system
Dimensions(ex) 580x590x780mm 960x720x870mm 1080x840x990mm 1300x850x1150mm
Dimensions(in) 300x300x300mm 400x400x400mm 500x500x500mm 600x600x600mm
Capacity            27 L          63 L           125 L             216 L
Power consumption           6.2kw          11.1kw           18kw             21 kw
Voltage& Frequency  AC 230V, 1Ø,50/60Hz                       AC 230V, 3Ø,50/60Hz
weight    Approxi. 55kg    Approxi. 78kg    Approxi.    Approxi.

#FTMF-706/706P #FTMF-707/707P #FTMF-708/708P #FTMF-709/709P

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