Electromagnetic sieve shaker with sieve


#Electromagnetic sieve shaker


ASS200 electromagnetic sieve shaker is designed to meet the high requirements of experimental screening, it is widely used in medicine, food, chemical industry and other industries.

ASS200 electromagnetic sieve shaker is composed of base, electromagnetic generator, sieve tray and standard sieve.

It uses electromagnetism as driving force, which makes the powder uniformly distributed in the whole screen, and makes three-dimensional vibration, this special vibration mode effectively prevents the particles close to the screen from blocking the screen hole, so that the particles under the screen can effectively pass through.

According to the needs of particle size classification, users can choose standard sieve and wet sieve components with different mesh numbers


  • Simple structure and convenient maintenance;
  • High efficiency, accurate screening;
  • Small size and light weight;
  • Low noise, adjustable amplitude;
  • Effectively prevent screen hole sticking and blocking.

Application field

Screening and classification of solid powder particles:

separation, classification and particle size analysis of sand, washing powder, coffee, tobacco, mineral, coal, building and filling materials, flour, seed, metal powder, soil, synthetic fertilizer, resin, food, medicine, chemical industry, abrasive, mine, pigment, powder metallurgy, ceramics and other powder materials for mold and molding


  • Electromagnetic sieve size range: 20-2500 um
  • Available electromagnetic sieve diameter: 75mm / 200mm
  • Maximum sample loading: > 3000g
  • Size: 35x35x25cm (standard screen height not calculated)
  • Power supply: 220V / 400W / 50Hz
  • Maximum rating: 9
  • Weight: 38 kg

Testing sieve specifications

Sieve material: SUS304
Sieve diameter: 200mm
Sieve frame: Double layer
Sieve height: 50mm
Mesh number: 10/12/14/16/18/20/24/28/30/32/35/40/42/45/


Aperture shape: Woven square hole
Weave style: Plain weave
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