Electronic grain capacitometer- ST128


Electronic (grain) capacitometer ST128, ST128 electronic (grain) capacitometer

Product details

ST128 the electronic (grain) capacitometer is a new grain quality measuring instrument developed synchronously with the new corn national standard. Not only the bulk density of large grain, such as corn, but also the bulk density of small grain, such as millet, wheat, sorghum and so on, can be measured. The instrument is an intelligent weighing instrument with microprocessor. It has reliable performance, convenient operation and high precision. The result can be displayed by red LED digital tube and can be printed by random configuration printer.

Technical parameter:

  1. Maximum working weight: 1000g±2g
  2. Minimum working weight: 100g
  3. Volumetric volume: 1000m1±1.5m1
  4. Power: ~220V 50Hz 10W
  5. Size:485mm×330mm×150mm

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