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Enlarged kidney models 1 part, XC-310-4

Product Name:  Enlarged kidney models 1 part
Model:: XC-300 Anatomical Series
Categories:: Urology, Genital & Pelvis Skeleton models
Product No:  XC-310-4
Origin:: China
Material:  PVC

This models shows 3 times enlarged of the kidney, with  drenalglands, 2 components, showing the renal cortex, renal edulla, proximal convoluted tubule, distal convoluted tubule, medullar loop, collecting duct, and papillary duct, alyces renales minors, calyces renales majors , renal pelvis, ureter, interlobular artery, vein, renal artery, vein and renicapsule.

Packing:  9pcs/carton, 58x37x29cm, 10kgs
Supplier: Elite Scientific & Meditech CO.
For details elitetradebd@gmail.com; Visit:www.elitetradebd.com