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EO Gas Sterilizer EOG Series, ESMC, Humanlab, Korea

EO gas sterilizer EOG Series
  • Description :- Bench Top and front Loading
    – EO + CO2 gas
  • Application:- Gas sterilizing for instrument tray and glassware


  • This unit utilizes low temperature chemical sterilization with EO gas
  • for sensitive to moisture or sharp medical device and instrument.
  • Full automatic control with microprocessor and sounds an alarm
  • Prevent any pollution in chamber by vacuum pump
  • Anti-pollution with air fitter can achieve the particle up to 99.99%
  • Digital LCD display indicates the program, temperature, pressure.


Model EOG-300 EOG-600
Capacity 32 liter 62 liter
Chamber (DxL) Dia.300×450 mm Dia.350×650 mm
Temp. range 38, 55, 30 – 60·C
Pressure 1 kg/cm2
Gas EO(20%) + C0(80%)
Vacuum Oil-less Vacuum pump
Control & display 3 Pre-programmed & digital display
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 490x510x650mm 540x600x850mm
Weight (Kg) 60 80

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EO Gas Sterilizer
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