Stainless Steel Flakiness Gauge for Classification of Aggregate, ESMC, India


Stainless Steel Flakiness Gauge for Classification of Aggregate price in Bangladesh

  • Application: Aggregate
  • Material: SS
  • Made in India


SS Flakiness Gauge for Classification of Aggregate in Bangladesh

Aggregates that are flaky and/or elongated will often lower the workability of a concrete mix and may also affect long term durability. In bituminous mixtures, flaky aggregates make for a harsh mix and may also crack and break up during compacting by rolling.

The following apparatus is required.
A metal thickness gauge of the pattern shown in Figure 5 or special sieves having elongated apertures.

The width of the apertures and the thickness of the sheet used in the gauge or sieve shall be as specified
BS test sieves as shown in Table 9 as appropriate.
A balance accurate to 0.5% of mass of the test sample.

  • Usage/Application: Lab
  • Phase: Manual
  • Color: Silver

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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