Flour Mixing Machine, Automatic, Stainless Steel, ESMC, Bangladesh


Automatic Flour Mixing Machine Price in Bangladesh

  • Brand: Elite
  • Country of origin: Bangladesh
  • Flour Mixing Machine
  • Operation Mode:  Automatic
  • Motor Power:  2 HP
  • Material: SS
  • Capacity 2-50 Kg


Automatic Stainless-Steel Flour Mixing Machine in Bangladesh

Increase Efficiency

You can efficiently make large doughs in a short amount of time if you use a commercial dough mixer.

Different Capacities

Commercial dough mixing machines range in size from 20 to 200 litters. You may purchase the appropriate size for your company. The capacity of the dough depends on the bowl size.

Smart Control Panel

These function help staffs to work more efficiently. You have access to slow down the speed and increase the speed of mixing dough. At This system will keep careful track of how long the mixer churns and prevent the dough from becoming overworked.

Low Energy Consumption

This sort of industrial dough mixer equipment consumes very little electricity. Based on the size and capacity, it only requires 800-3000 watts.

safety Cover/ Bowl Guard

On the top of the bowl, there is a safety cover or bowl guard. You can combine ingredients without having to open the bowl with this bowl guard.

Low Noise

There are some dough mixers that make a lot of noise. those dough mixer machine used low quality equipment.

High Quality Pionium

Low quality pionium may break down after heavy uses and make noise.

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