Front loading autoclave

Front loading steam sterilizer_S series


  • For the process of drying cycle, filtered clean air flows into the chamber during vacuum system removes
  • the remaining steam and vapor
  • Self-diagnostic system: When the malfunction occurs in the operating, it sounds and display errors and numbers.
  • wrapped,unwrapped and liquid cycle and user mode are operated by pre-programmed cycle.
  • Pre-vacuum for effective air removal that result in increasing sterilization performance.
  • Easy operation with full automatic system by microprocessor
  • It has such safety system as over pressure release valve, over heating & temp. protector, door open & power-off,
  • low water protection, over current breaker and interlock door system.
  • Supplier in Bangladesh Elite Scientific & Meditech Co
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Model. S2000 S2510D S3600



Size (mm) Dia 500 x 1000L 500Wx500Bx1000H SOOWx710Dx1000H
capacity 196 liter / Cylindrical 250 liter / Rectangular 355 liter / Rectangular
material Stainless steel


Size (mm) 1 no-240Wx950L 2 no’s -480Wx950L 2 no’S-440Wx900L
material Stainless steel
Loading style Front loading by manual or Loading cart & carriage (option)
Temp. range  110 to 135’C (230 to 275’F)
Water supply  15A, 1 – 3 Kg/um’ 20A, 3 – 5 Kg/um’
Steam source Built-in Steam generator
Dry system Steam Ejector Watering vacuum pump
Control system Pre-programmed microprocessor control & digital display
Printer By option Thermal dot matrix,16 columns
Power source 380VAC,50/60Hz,

11 Kw





Overall(WxDxH) 725x1410x1620mm 755x1470x1730mm 800x1600x1790mm
Weight (Kg) 700 780 850
Options Loading cart & carriage (stainless steel)