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● 4.3-inch LCD touch screen displays various programs, running stages, temperatures and machine faults.
● One-button operation, simple and convenient;8 Custom Programs, 8 Changeable Stored Program Groups.
● Two peristaltic pumps are equipped as standard to control the amount of cleaning agent added (peristaltic pump additive capacity 120ML/MIN).
● Equipped with inlet liquid level control sensor to prevent the loss of water and cleaning agent in the cleaning cabin.
● Two PT100 temperature sensors are standard to provide water heating and cabin temperature display respectively.
● Automatic fault diagnosis program, buzzer alarm automatically, when the instrument fails, the screen will display fault information, prompt the location of the problem and facilitate the engineer to provide maintenance; The instrument also prompts warning information to prompt users to deal with it in time.
● Provide thermal disinfection at 93 ℃ in accordance with international standard EN ISO 15883-1/2.
● It can be connected with cold water, hot water or deionized water and other water sources, and the equipment is a two-way water inlet, and the connected cold water, hot water or deionized water is fed from different water sources according to the program design, so as to accelerate the cleaning speed and save energy.
● Exterior adopts 304 wire-drawing plate stainless steel material, beautiful and generous, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, cabin body adopts AISI 316L stainless steel mirror panel seamless welding forming manufacturing, corrosion-resistant stainless steel cabin body fillet and slope base without welding design, no dead angle to avoid dirt residue and bacteria generation.
● Standard three-layer stainless steel filter screen can effectively intercept dirt and prolong pump life. The filter net of the cleaning cabin is attached with a lifting structure, which is convenient for users to clean.
Double insulation door can reduce heat loss and electricity consumption, low noise design, noise maintained below 45DB.
● Unique ESL circuit control technology, the device is forced to open the door during operation, and the device is powered off in time to stop operation. External cleaning agent dosing design, safe and convenient, convenient for users to change.
● The door body adopts double-layer transparent toughened glass, which is beautiful and generous, and convenient for users to observe the cleaning situation in the cabin in real time.
● Single layer cleaning basket rack can be placed, and the cleaning height of utensils can reach 200mm.
● The equipment can be placed under the laboratory table to further improve the utilization rate of laboratory space.


Maximum Noise (DB) 45
Working Environment 5℃-40℃
Circulating pump power (KW) 0.33
Circulating pump flow (L/MIN) 160
Water heating power (KW) 2
Peristaltic pump plus dose (ML/MIN) 120
External dimensions (mm) 465X678X605 (closed door)
Cleaning tank volume (L) 52
Size of cleaning compartment (mm) 383X403X450
Cleaning space (L) 46
Power source 220V/50HZ
Total rated power (KW) 3
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.
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