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Fume hood


#Fume hood FSF


  • UV Lamp for sterilization.
  • Built-in centrifugal blower.
  • Motorized front glass window.
  • Adjustable air speed: 9 levels.
  • Microprocessor control system, LED display.
  • Double-layer structure: 1.2mm sheet metal surface, melamine board inward.


Model FSF1000 FSF1200 FSF1500 FSF1800
External Size (W*D*H) 1000*750*2320mm 1200*800*2345mm 1500*800*2345mm 1800*800*2345 mm
Internal Size (W*D*H) 820*520*872mm 1020*670*750mm 1320*670*750mm 1620*670*750mm
Work Surface Height 850mm
Max Opening 520mm 570mm 570mm 570mm
Air Velocity 0.3-0.8m/s
Protection Class Class I
Protection Type IP 20
Noise ≤60dB
Exhaust Duct PVC, Standard length: 4 meters.
Pipe Strap 1 pc
Fluorescent Lamp 14W*1 21W*1 28W*1 36W*1
UV Lamp Emission of 253.7 nanometers fo most efficient decontamination
Blower Built-in centrifugal blower; Speed adjustable
Front Window 5mm toughened glass; Motorized; Height adjustable
Power Supply AC220V±0%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz
Consumption 400W 400W 500W 500W
Material Exterior Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating.
Interior High grade melamine board with good acid and alkali resistance function
Work Table Chemical resistant phenolic resin
Standard Accessory UV lamp*2, Fluorescent lamp, Water tap, Gas tap, Water sink, Base cabinet, Pipe strap
Total load of 2 waterproof sockets: 500W
4 meters PVC exhaust duct
Optional Accessory Active carbon filte
Gross Weight 272kg 302kg 331kg 366kg
Package Size
Main Body 1150*900*1870mm 1350*950*1920mm 1650*950*1890mm 1950*950*1900mm
Base Cabinet 1150*900*960mm 1350*950*900mm 1650*960*910mm 1950*960*910mm
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