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Glass reactor GR series glass reactor


GR-10, GR-20, GR-30, GR-50, GR-100, reactor body adopts high borosilicate glass.  is jacketed glass reactor.

GR-10, GR-20, GR-30, GR-50, GR-100 stainless steel stirring rod is covered with PTFE, applicable for various

solvent stirring, no pollution and anti-corrosion.


  • Reactor body adopts high borosilicate glass (GG-17 material), owns excellent chemical and physical properties.
  • Stainless steel stirring rod is covered with PTFE, applicable for various solvent stirring, no pollution and anti-corrosion.
  • AC motor frequency control stirring, reliable operation, large moment of force, no spark and long service life.
  • Selected by PTFE component and fluorous rubber, be able to maintain higher vacuum degree and longer service life.
  • Digital speed controller, set rotary speed by speed governing turn-knob
  • Vacuum display, can select best working vacuum degree for low boiling point material.
  • PTFE inclined discharge valve makes it convenient to recycle solvent.


Model: GR-10 GR-20 GR-30 GR-50 GR-100
Glass material: GG-17
Stents material: Stainless steel
Move method Universal castors with breaking
Reaction flask volume: 10L 20L 30L 50L 100L
Interlayer volume: 6L 8L 10L 12L 18L
Flange type: Enter from low port, come out from higher port
Number of reactor bottle: 6
Discharging valve height: 450mm
Reaction temperature: -80-25045°C
Vacuum degree: 0.098Mpa
Stirring running speed: 0-450pm
Stirring axis diameter: 12mm 15mm
Stirrer power : 90W 120W 120W 1/3 200W 1/3
Voltage/frequency: 220V/50Hz
Overall dimension (mm): 520x520x2000 560x560x2100 760x560x2300 760x560x2450 610x610x2500
Packing dimension (mm): 1370x590x800


1480x660x810 0.80m 1720x680x850 0.99m 1720x680x850 0.99m 1900x700x870 1.16m3
Packing weight (Kg): 68 80 88 92 125
Speed regulation method: Electric stepless speed regulation
Electrical configuration: Low speed reinforcement electrical machine, speed ratio- 3:1
Rotary speed display: Digital display
Humidity display: PT100 sensor digital display
Sealing method: PTFE sealing, Φ50 flange stirring opening
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)): 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Condenser: Vertical high efficiency double backflow condenser pipe 100x670mm, 40# standard mouth
Backflow (distillation) device: Backflow elbow is equipped with discharge switch, 50# ball milling mouth
Drop wise adding device: 1L constant voltage funnel 40# standard mouth
Depression device: 34# standard mouth reducing valve
Pressure reducing device: 24# standard mouth
Solid charging: Φ80 flange mouth with PTFE cover
Discharge method: Included glass charging valve Φ60 flange opening
Vacuum display method: Vacuum meter
Stirring connection method: Universal joint connecting
Stirring bar: Anchor type and push type stainless steel bar, covered with PTFE
Main body support: Tray type
Collecting device: Collection bottle
Anti-explosion: Anti-explosive frequency changer, anti-explosive electric machine EX180W 0-1400 rotate
Frame part: Spraying plastic pr PTFE
Heat insulation device: Cotton insulation
Sealing part: Ceramic bearing, mechanical sealing
Condenser: Horizontal type condenser can reduce overall height
Reactor cover: Custom made PTFE reactor cover
Local distributor: Elite Scientific and Meditech Co
For more visit: www.elitetradebd.com
E-mail: elitetradebd@gmail.com

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