Glass reactor GRL series


#Glass reactor #GRL series glass reactor


  • GR-10, GR-20, GR-50, glass reactor is with vacuum operation, anti corrosion seal
  • GR-10, GR-20, GR-50 adjustable speed and stirring


  • Vacuum operation anticorrosive seal.
  • High temperature and low temperature reaction.
  • Adjustable speed, even stirring
  • Kettle cover can be lifted, kettle body can be rotated.


Model: GRL-10 GRL-20 GRL-50
Reaction capacity: 2L~10L 2L~20L 5L~50L
Jacketed volume: 8L 7L 16L
Motor power 130W (1:3) 160W (1:3) 160W (1:3)
Lift power 40W (1:12:5)
Rotation speed 0-450 rpm
Reaction temperature: -80~-250°C
Vacuum seal: 0.098Mpa
Controller: Frequency conversion speed, LED, Temperature & Speed digital display
6 Port PTFE Lid (Φ265mm): Mixing port: Φ50mm Thread mouth
Condensation reflux port: 50# Ball-mill
Constant pressure drop funnel port: 40# standard grinding mouth
Spare valve port:34# Standard grinding mouth
Thermowell port:34# Standard grinding mouth
Solid feeding port: 80# Thread mouth, inner diameter 50mm
Stirring blade: Φ17x700H Φ17x750H Φ17x1000H
Blade diameter (mm): Blade diameter : 150 Blade diameter : 190 Blade diameter : 190
Condenser: Φ100x600H (mm) Bottle 60 flange
Condensation area: 0.4m2
Refux head: Left: 50# ball mill, Top 60 Flange
Constant pressure drop funnel: 1L, with S adapter connected with the lid
Spare valve: The outside diameter of the pagoda joint is 12mm
Discharging valve: Φ75mm flange, discharging mouth (pagoda joint) Φ34mm, 300mm from the ground
Vacuum suction nozzle: The outside diameter of the pagoda joint is 12mm
Condensing coil circulation nozzle: The outside diameter of the pagoda joint is 15mm
Lifting stroke: 500mm 560mm 740mm
From the stirring rod rising to 50mm above the kettle mouth
Rotation of the kettle body: Rotate 150 degrees to the left
Machine size (mm): 700x850x(1800-2250) 750x920x(1920-2400) 750x950x(2320-2950)
Local distributor: Elite Scientific and Meditech Co
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