Single Glass Water Still GS Series, ESMC, Humanlab, Korea

Single glass water still_GS series


  • Produce pure, pyrogen-free distillates with this full automatic
  • glass water still produce Max. 10 L/hr
  • Built-in automatic cleaning and draining device.
  • Optional water softener prevents scale formation.
  • Heaters are sheathed with borosilicate glassware and silica

Distilled water quality ;

  1. Pyrogen free: Reagent grade
  2. Resistivity: <3.5M-cm
  3. COnductiVity: 2-5 /iSlCm
  4. pH at 20-C : 7.0
  5. Silicate: Negative
  6. TDS: <1.0


Capacity 3.5 liter/hr 7.0 liter/hr 10 liter/hr
Cooling water 30 liter 60 liter 90 liter
Pyrex heater 3 Kw 6 Kw 9 Kw
Material Powder coated steel plate
Safety device 1) Water pressure sw, 2) water level sensor,
3) Distilled water level sensor
Control &display Full automatic & digital display
Power source 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 650x400x430mm 650x400x1000
Weight (Kg) 28 32 45

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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Single Glass Water Still
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