Glassware clean machine


#Fully automatic glassware clean machine


  • 7.1-inch LCD touch screen displays various programs, running stages, temperatures and machine faults.
    ● 8 user-defined program groups can be provided, the cleaning program can be combined at will, and any number of rinsing and rinsing can be provided;Three-level password management, which is applicable to the management and modification of parameters by managers at different levels;One key to start, simple and convenient.
    ● Standard with two peristaltic pumps, can be added to 4, AC motor, automatic addition, precise control of the amount of cleaning agent added, stable and reliable.
    ● Equipped with inlet liquid level control sensor to prevent the loss of water and cleaning agent in the cleaning cabin.
    ● Two PT100 temperature sensors are standard to provide water heating and cabin temperature display respectively.
    ● Automatic fault diagnosis program, buzzer alarm automatically, when the instrument fails, the screen will display fault information, prompt the location of the problem and facilitate the engineer to provide maintenance; The instrument also prompts warning information to prompt users to deal with it in time.
    ● Provide thermal disinfection at 93 ℃ in accordance with international standard EN ISO 15883-1/2.
    ● It can be connected with cold water, hot water or deionized water and other water sources, and the equipment is a two-way water inlet, and the connected cold water, hot water or deionized water is fed from different water sources according to the program design, so as to accelerate the cleaning speed and save energy.
    ● Both sides of the cabin are equipped with standard steam condensers to prevent the exhaust air from polluting the indoor air.
    ● Exterior adopts 304 wire-drawing plate stainless steel material, beautiful and generous, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, cabin body adopts AISI 316L stainless steel seamless welding forming manufacture, corrosion-resistant stainless steel cabin body round corner and slope base without welding design, no dead angle to avoid dirt residue and bacteria generation.


Working Environment 5℃-40℃
Circulating pump power (KW) 0.75
Circulating pump flow (L/MIN) 430
Water heating power (KW) 4
Drying fan power (KW) 1.1
Drying heating power (KW) 2.4
Peristaltic pump plus dose (ML/MIN) 360
External dimensions (mm) 907 × 716 × 958 (closed)

907 × 1351 × 958 (open)

Cleaning tank volume (L) 206
Size of cleaning compartment (mm) 560×530×653
Cleaning space (L) 193
Power source 220V/50HZ
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.
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