Grain and feed digital hardness tester, ST120A


#ST120A grain and feed digital hardness tester #Grain and feed digital hardness tester, ST120A

Product details

ST120A grain and feed Digital Hardness test, Stainless steel material, delicate appearance, big knob manually press, uniform pressure, digital display


  1. Easy to operate, direct reading, high accuracy, LCD display
  2. Pressure head is made of stainless steel, which increases the service life.

Technical parameter:

Test range: 20kg

Stress:  Manual

Maximum diameter: 18mm

Accuracy: ± 0.5%

Resolution: 0.01kg

This instrument can test grain corn feed and tablet etc

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#ST120A grain and feed digital hardness tester #Grain and feed digital hardness tester #ST120A #Digital hardness tester #Hardness tester