Grain moisture meter


The GAC® 2500-C is the first-ever grain moisture meter to provide full integration into grain networks, allowing grain receivers to use a simple, yet accurate solution for moisture tests instead of having to use a more sophisticated multi-parameter analyser. GAC 2500-C is fully-connected via FossManager™ networking software that supports grain networks around the world.

Technical specification

Operating temperature 2° to 45°C (36° to 113°F)
Power 110/220V, 50/60 Hz, 30/35 VA
Analysis time

10-20 seconds

Humidity 20 to 90% noncondensing
Grain sample temperature -20° to +45°C (-4°F to +113°F) depending on grain calibrations and moisture
Storage/transit temperature -20° to +60°C ( -4° to +140°F)
Moisture range 5 to 45% (grain dependent)
Dimensions (H*W*D*) 432 mm x 483 mm x 356 mm (17”H x 19”W x 14”D)
Approximate weight 11.43 kg (25 lbs.)
Connectivity FossManager™ networking software
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