Plant growth chamber, CGI series


#CGI series growth chamber,  250L to 400L


CGI series of growth chamber is widely used for microbial tissue cell culture, seed germination, seedling test, plant culture and insects, small animals feeding, etc.



  • The inner chamber and shelf are made of mirror stainless steel, beautiful and practical, convenient for cleaning and disinfection;
  • The air-inlet grille can be opened directly to clean the condenser (please clean the condenser once every two months, so as not to affect the refrigeration performance of the compressor).
  • Casters are provided at the bottom for easy movement.


  • Big LCD display, clear and intuitive, easy to operate;
  • All models have over temperature alarm, L type has additional independent digital limiter, ensure the temperature accuracy;
  • Multi-stage program setting to meet different experimental requirements.


  • High-quality compressor to ensure long running time;
  • Double evaporator switch work to ensure no frost operation;
  • Special duct design ensures temperature uniformity within 1°C.


  • The humidification system adopts hidden thermal humidification system, has wide humidity control range and it’s less likely to occur dew condensation;
  • Honeywell humidity sensor makes humidity detection more accurate;
  • Automatic water feeding system ensure the equipment operation quietly and continuously.


  • Four sizes lights make illumination more uniform;
  • Fluorescent lamp can offer light closed to sun light, optional LED light can offer much more strong Illuminance.


Product name: CBI series Biochemical incubator
Brand: Taisite
Country of origin: USA
Assembling country: China
Model: CGI-250P CGI-300L CGI-400L



Temp.range 0~65°C (w/o illumination); 10~65°C (w/o illumination)
Temp. fluctuation 1°C
Temp. resolution 0.1°C
Temp. uniformity ±1.5°C ±2°C
Humidity range 40% to 90%
Humidity fluctuation 0.07
Illumination range 0 to 13000 Lux (fluorescent lamp); 0 to 35000 Lux (LED lamp)




Compressor Hermetic compressor
Refrigerant R134a
Defrosting Auto
Insulation material PU



Controller LCD screen display, pressing key
Program 30 segments
Sensor PT100
Timer 0 to 99.9 hours






Inner [WxDxH]mm 500x530x950 550x580x950 590x620x1100
Exterior [WxDxH]mm 690x705x1650 740x755x1650 780x795x1800
Packing [WxDxH]mm 890x905x1870 940x955x1870 980x990x2020
Capacity 250L 300L 400L
Shelf load bearing 15 Kg
Net weight 76 85 98
  Gross weight 117 126 140
Power AC 220V 50Hz/1.7Kw
  Shelf number 6 7
Standard 2
Optional configuration: Self, RS485 port, Printer, USB port, SMS alarm
Local distributor: Elite Scientific and Meditech Co
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