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Handheld AS63A digital vibration meter, Smart Sensor

Handheld AS63A digital vibration meter, Smart Sensor



Vibration meter (also called vibration severity) uses Piezoelectric Acceleration Transducer transfer the vibration signal in to electrical signal, analyze the input signals, and show the Acceleration, speed, shift of the vibration. It is widely used in the lines of Power, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, vehicles, etc.

 Products details

Acceleration Range: 0.1~199.9m/s2

Velocity Range: 0.1~199.9m/s

Accuracy: ±5%H ±2 digits

Weight: 147g


Measuring Principle Piezoelectric Ceramic Accelerometer(shear-type)
 Acceleration Range 0.1~199.9m/s2
 Velocity Range 0.1~199.9m/s
 Displacement Range 0.001~1.999mm
 Acceleration Frequency Range 10Hz~1KHz (LO)1KHz~15KHz (HI)
 Velocity Frequency Range 10Hz~1KHz
 Displacement Frequency Range 10Hz~1KHz
 Accuracy ±5%H ±2 digits
 Signal Output AC output 2V peak ( Display full scale )
 Max Hold Function —–
 Temperature Measurement —–
℃/℉Selection —–

Packing Information

 Power 9V  Battery
 Product Net Weight 147g
 Product Size 183*67*30mm
 Packing Style Gift Box
 Standard Quantity Per Carton 10PCS
 Standard Carton Size 45*32*55cm
 Standard Carton Gross Weight 14.17kg