Heating Mantle, HM-D6, 6 Hole with Holder 500mlx6/250mlx6, 1080w/1500w, ESMC, Wincom, China


Digital Laboratory Heating Mantle HM-D6, 6 Hole with Holder 500mlx6 / 250mlx6, 1080w / 1500w

  • Model: HM-D6
  • Brand: Wincom
  • Origin: China

Heating Mantle, HM-D6, 6 Hole, 500mlx6 / 250mlx6, 1080w / 1500w


  • The All Multi-unit heating Mantle are fitted with individual energy regulator within indicator light
  • for each heating surface, allowing liquids with different boiling points to be heated alongside each other.
  • Built-in temperature control maintains element temperature from
  • Ambient to 380°C
  • Heat Adjust Knob
  • Adjust heating mantle temperature you need, Accuracy 3°C
  • LED Display when it works.


  • Hole: (6) Six-Hole
  • Power(w): 1080w / 1500w
  • Capacity:  6x250ml / 6x500ml

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