Convection oven

High Temperature Convection Oven HCO Series


  • High temp. convection ovens have microprocessor PID controller and 99hr/59min timer with hold function
  • Ovens also feature a K type temp. sensor and a balanced centrifugal blower for uniform air distribution
  • Sturdy construction provides safety and convenience and double wall offers for good heat retention
  • View-glass let you safety view samples during operation
  • The high temp. silicon rubber packing prevent heat loss and stainless steel shelves are adjustable
  • Supplier in Bangladesh Elite Scientific & Meditech Co
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Model HCO-42 HCO-81 HCO-150 HCO-250
Temp. range Max.350·C/ Accuracy: ±0.2’C, Uniformity: ±1 ‘C
Model HCO-42-S HCO-81-S HCO-150-S HC0250-S
Temp. range Max. 500’C /Accuracy: +0.2’C, Uniformity: +1 ‘C
Capacity 42 liter 81 liter 150 liter 252 liter
Chamber (Wx xH)mm 350x350x350 450x400x450 600x500x500 700x600x600
Timer Digital 199 hr, 59 min
Heating Output 800W 1200W 1500W 2000W
Time 15 – 20 min. up to 100’C
Material Interior High temperature resistant stainless steel
Exterior Powder coated steel plate
Insulation Ceramic fiber
Door Magnetic closure with silicon packing
Shelves Stainless steel, adjustable
Control & Display Microprocessor digital PID control & LED display
Safety Device Over temp. limiter, Over current breaker
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH)mm 1000x600x800 1100x650x900 1240x750x950 1240x750x1050
Weight (Kg) 65 85 110 150


Programmable microprocessor digital PID control