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#Histology Bath, HBD


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#Histology Bath, HBD

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Histology Bath

  • Paraffin bath
  • Backlit LCD digital display with indication of the selected and actual speed value, and timer (with acoustic warning).
  • Keyboard with membrane buttons, sensitive to the touch.
  • Rearmable: after a power failure, the equipment resumes operation with the same parameters as it had previously. An incident indicator appears on the screen.
Technical specifications
 Model HBD
Reference 30000-10005 / V
Display Digital
Control Microprocessor
Power (W) 325
Temperature range (ºC) T amb + 5 – 70
Resolution (ºC) 0.5
General data
Measurements (mm) 355 x 350 x 110
Fuse 3.15A
Power supply 230V / 110V
Weight (kg) 4.4