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Hobersal is a family company founded in 1946 in Barcelona, Spain.
manufacturers of furnaces and ovens for laboratory and industry with temperatures from 30ºC to 2.000ºC and internal volumes from 1 litre to 12.000 litres.

Liders in:

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Technical service
  • Technical support
  • After sales service

Prestige of a Brand

  • Hobersal is a reference brand and has a high prestige in the national and international market
  • Hobersal uses the best quality materials to build all the equipments
  • All of our products are manufactured in our plant (Barcelona -Spain) under the CE
  • Hobersal has a development department to improve our furnaces and ovens for each customer requirements
  • We custom furnaces under request with our engineering department
  • We offer the best after sales service
  • Best seller & Supplier in Bangladesh Elite Trade BD, Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.

Hobersal product range

Chamber furnaces up to 1300ºC, Chamber furnaces up to 1900ºC, Universal tube furnace up to 1300ºC, NEW  HTF Tube furnaces up to 1600ºC, Tube furnaces up to 1900ºC, Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces, Incinerators, Crucible furnaces up to 1900ºC, Ovens up to 500ºC, Accessories and spare parts, Anti vibration tables for Balances, Cooling table (heat treatment), Industrial hot plates up to 600ºC

Product List

  • Muffle furnaces up to 1300ºC
  • Muffle furnaces up to 1900ºC
  • Tube ovens up to 1300ºC
  • HTF Tube furnaces up to 1600ºC (NEW)
  • Tube furnaces up to 1900ºC
  • customized ovens
  • Vacuum ovens and inert atmospheres
  • Drying ovens 300ºC and 500ºC
  • Crucible furnaces up to 1900ºC
  • Accessories and spare parts
  • Anti-vibration table for scales
  • Parts Cooling Table
  • Heating plates up to 600ºC
  • Incinerators
  • Hot plates up to 600ºC (Industrial)

Chamber furnaces up to 1300ºC

  • MF Series Chamber furnace
  • PR Series Chamber furnace
  • GB Series Chamber furnace
  • HCV Series Chamber furnace
  • Muffle furnaces with protective gas box
    for heat treatment
  • HCV AC Series Chamber furnace
  • Cupellation Furnaces
  • XB Series Chamber furnace
  • JB Series Chamber furnace
  • HK Series Chamber furnace
  • HD Series Chamber furnace

Chamber furnaces up to 1900ºC

  • JMM Series Chamber furnace
  • JM Series Chamber furnace
  • XG Series Chamber furnace
  • CRN Series Chamber furnace
  • HOB Series Chamber furnace
  • CRN side control Chamber furnace

Universal tube furnace up to 1300ºC

  • ST Series (Split mode) Universal tube furnace
  • ST Series (Universal tube furnaces) Universal tube furnace
  • TR Series (Vertical and Split) Universal tube furnace

New HTF Tube furnaces up to 1600ºC

  • HTF SP Split tube furnace
  • HTF Series (Universal tube furnace)
  • HTF SC (High temperature)

Tube furnaces up to 1900ºC

  • ST Series up to1900ºC Tube furnace
  • ST Series up to 1900ºC Tube furnace

Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces

  • PR V Series (Vacuum furnaces)
  • HOB Series Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace
  • HCV-CCH Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace
  • Tube furnaces up to 1900ºC Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace
  • PR SCH Series Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace
  • Tube furnaces up to 1300ºC Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace
  • Tube furnaces up to 1600ºC (New) Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace


  • HCV-HIE / HCV-HIG Incinerators

Crucible furnaces up to 1900ºC

  • C9 model Crucible furnace
  • CM12 model Crucible furnace
  • TR25-MFF model Crucible furnace
  • HCV CRUCIBLE SERIES Crucible furnace

Ovens up to 300ºC and Industrial up to 500ºC

Custom designs

  • PR V Series (Vacuum Furnace)
    HB Series
  • HBC Series
  • 12PR1400 Heat treatment furnace
  • ST Series
  • ATF Series
  • HCV 42 – 13 CX
  • TR series (Vertical Split Tube Furnaces
  • ST 11 VH (Vertical and Horizontal Operation)
  • Vertical Split Tube furnace TR0-0 (Smallest series)
  • Laboratory Muffle furnaces MF Full Inox
  • Stainless Steel
  • chamber or tube furnaces

Accessories and spare parts

  • Flowmeter box (Automatic)
  • Flowmeter box (Manual)
  • Vacuum pump up to 3×10-2
  • Vacuum pump + Turbo station up to 3×10-5
  • Hermetic end seals / Vacuum Flanges up to x10-5
  • All kind of crucibles
  • Heat resistant gloves up to 900ºC
  • After burners / Post Combustion Chambers
  • Thermocouples K, B, S, R, PTN…
  • Cooling table (heat treatment)
  • Crucible Tongs
  • Controllers / Programmers / Software…
  • Alumina ang high Alumina ceramic tubes
  • Heating elements SiC, MoSi2, Wire (Kanthal)
  • Quartz Tubes
  • Atmosphere retort, Annealing box
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
  • Balances
  • Forced extraction chimney
  • Gas inlet on rear
  • Crucible Stand
  • cooling systems (Air and N2 Cooling)
  • Cooling system (Air Forced)

Anti vibration tables for Balances

Industrial hot plates up to 600ºC


Cooling table (heat treatment)


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