Homogenizer, Homo-500


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Homo-500 homogenizer is suitable for mixing low, medium and high viscosity liquids in the laboratory;

it can disperse and homogenize particle materials, tissues and cells in the liquid medium.


  • Homo-500 homogenizer is driven by micro-high-speed motor with stable performance.
  • Speed stepless adjustment, can be corrected in real time,
  • Large LCD touch screen operation, real-time display of speed and torque,
  • With speed memory function, button stop and start at any time.


Product name: Homogenizer, Homo-500
Model: Homo-500
Brand: Taisite
Product categories: Homogenizer
Manufacturer: Taisitelab Sciences Inc.
Assembling country: People’s republic of China
Rated voltage: AC 110V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Input Power: 850W
Output Power: 500W
Rated Torque: 18N.cm
Work mode: S1 (Continuous)
Operation control mode: Touch Screen
Rotating speed adjustment range (idle running): 1000-28000 rpm
Rotating speed control type: Stepless
Timing control range: 1-1000 min
Speed digital display: TFT-LCD
Real-time torque curve display: Yes
Real-time & power: Yes
Overhead protection function: Yes
Peak torque of the stirring head: 18N.cm
Stirring head material: AISI 304
Stirring head specifications: 12G, 18G, 20G, 24G, 30G, 36G
Permissible ambient temperature: Not more than 40°C
Permissible relative humidity: Not more than 80%
Size of the (WxDxH): 215x310x700 mm
Weight: 10Kg
Local distributor: Elite Scientific and Meditech Co
For more visit: www.elitetradebd.com
E-mail: elitetradebd@gmail.com

Working head parameters

Stirring head specifications: 12G 18G 24G 30G 36G
Mixing capacity (H2O) ml: 30-800 50-1500 80-5000 100-8000 150-13000
Max viscosity tolerated (mPa.s): 1000 2000 5000 6000 7000
Max temperature tolerated (°C): 120 120 120 120 120
Overall length (mm): 215 222 225 235 238
Stator diameter (mm): 12 18 24 30 36
Stirring head material: SS316 SS316 SS316 SS316 SS316
Bearing material: PTFE PTFE PTFE PTFE PTFE
Peak linear speed of the rotor (m/S): 12 15 18 22 26
Minimum height of the liquid immersed (mm): 35 45 50 60 65
Maximum height of the liquid immersed (mm): 150 160 165 170 175