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HPLC Pumps for Fluid Chromatography


The SFC-24 is a Positive Displacement Pump that provides reliable, accurate and reproducible pumping of liquid CO2 for SFC, SFE, and other applications. The SFC-24 is available with a maximum flow rate of 24 mL/min, and can reach pressures to 10,000 psi.
The SFC-24 Supercritical Self-Flush Pump is available as a Constant Flow model, with pressure monitoring and user selectable upper and lower pressure limits, or as a Constant Pressure model, with a selectable pressure set point.
The SFC-24 features integrated cooling systems using Peltier thermoelectric modules. The cooling is fully self-contained within the pump cabinet, eliminating the need for external refrigeration units and the associated piping, coolants, and Freon. Peltier technology is 100% solid state.

Features of the SFC Supercritical Pumps:

  • Aluminum pump head for heat transfer
  • Integrated cooling using Peltier thermoelectric
  • Stainless steel fluid path; other than pump head
  • In-line electric pressure transducer
  • Simple front panel keypad controls with LED display
  • Built-in motor stall detector
  • Outlet filter
  • RS-232 serial communications port for complete control and status monitoring
Model: SFC 24
Flow Rate: (mL/min) 0.01. to 24.0
Pressure: (psi) 0 to 10,000
Flow Accuracy, of full scale pressure: (%) ±2
Pressure Accuracy, based on gas volume measurements and back calculation to liquid: (%) ±5
Controls: RS-232 Serial Com Port
Run Stop Inputs: 5 Volt, TTL Type
Remote: 0-10V & 0-10 KHz flow rate control input
Constant Pressure: Monitoring with user-selected upper/lower limits
Dimensions: W×D×H (cm) 14.6 × 28.3 × 53.7
Weight: (kg) 16.3