Humidifier _EIE – 110


#Humidifier _EIE – 110

Working principle

Humidifier is based on the rotating disc splash plate principle. Produces super fine particles which become part of the atmosphere, reaching every corner of the room, resulting in cool mist, which does not condense when obstructed and remains suspended in the air, thus achieving humidity up to 90 % RH in enclosed areas. This unit is capable of atomizing up to 3 letter of water in an hour at full evaporation in the driest possible ambient conditions.

Technical Details

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Evaporation : 3 Liter/Hour approximately
  • Water Pressure : 5 PSG
  • Atomizing Capacity : 30-50 ml/min
  • Water level control : With Float Valve
  • Power Supply : 220-240 VAC/50 Hz
  • Operating Load : 120W
  • Water Capacity : 5 Liters
  • Dimensions :15” x 15” x 17” (L x W x H)
  • Supplied with Humidity controller, setting range 20% – 90% RH, shuts off the unit when Humidity is achieved and will restart as soon as it goes below set level

Uniform distribution