Industrial Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid 30-32%, Commercial Grade


Hydrochloric Acid

Product name: Hydrochloric Acid
Chemical name : Hydrochloric Acid
Chemical formula : HCL
Product physical state : Liquid (Solution)
Product identification
CAS NO : 7647-01-0
UN NO : 1787


Contents/ Components Units Specification
Purity % w/w 30-32 min
Free Cl2 ppm 1 max


Contents/ Components Units Specification
Color Clear, colorless or slight yellowish.
Free Cl2 Pungent, irritating odor.


Packaging & mode of delivery : By rubber lined tank lorry or plastic tank.
Storage Stored in rubber lined tanks, plastic, FRP, PVC
vessels or containers.


Iron and steel manufacturing, electroplating
Metal cleaner & oxide remover
Welding and soldering agent
Water and effluent treatment plant
Pickling and cleaning agent
Manufacturing dyestuff, casein, pharmaceutical goods synthetic rubber etc
Solvent, PH regulating agent & derivation agent
Bone processing and gelatin manufacturing industry
Circuit board (printed) manufacturing


  1. Safety Information
    Toxic limit: 5 ppm in air.
    Detection: Detected by pungent odor.
    Effects: Irritates skin, burns eyes, destroy mucous membrane and respiratory tract.
    B. Handling and Safety Instructions
    Remove contaminated clothing & shoes and flush the affected area with plenty of water.
    Persons affected with high concentration of hydrochloric acid should immediately be flushed and
    washed in shower.
    If eyes are exposed to acid, should be washed immediately until irritating feeling disappears.
    Use rubber hand gloves, shoes, gas masks during handling.