Incubator portable, NCI43D, ESMC, Taisitelab, USA

Portable incubator, NCI43D, Taisitelab, USA


It is used in industrial and mining enterprises, medical and health departments, biochemistry laboratories, agricultural science research departments, etc., for the cultivation experiments of bacteria culture, breeding, fermentation, etc.


  1. Mirror stainless steel inner chamber, anti rust, easy to disinfect;
  2. PID temperature control, more accurate;
  3. over temperature alarm function;
  4. The door has an observation window to better observe the experimental progress;
  5. Portable design, suitable for outdoor use, emergency use, car transport, etc


Model NCI-43D
Internal Circulation Natural convection
Performance Temp. range RT+5~65°C
Temp. resolution 0.1°C
Temp. fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temp. accuracy ±1°C
Structure Inner structure Mirror stainless steel
External Structure cold steeling rolling Plate
Heat-Cut Aluminium silicate fiber
heater Heating tube
Rated power 0.3KW
Air outlet Inner diameter 28mmx1. Top
Controller Temp. control PID control
Temp. setting Touch the 4 key
Temp. display Temp. display: 4 digital upper display
Set temperature display:4 digital lower display
timer 0-9999 minutes (or hour)
Running Fixed value, running on time, automatic stop
sensor Pt100
additional Deviation correction, menu key lock, power failure memory
Safety device Over-temperature alarm: independent limiter (L model)
Specification Inner size


Dimensions (WxDxH)/mm 300x280x330
Packing (WxDxH)/mm 350x330x380
Capacity 10L
Partition bearing 10 Kg
Partition number 4
Partition spacing 50mm
Power 50/60Hz rated power AC220V/110V
Self number 2 (Standard)
Self support 4
voltage AC220V/1.1A
N.W/G.W (kg) 13/15kg

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