Individual low temperature incubator FTLT series


#FTLT individual low temperature incubator, 20 Liter #Individual low temperature incubator #FTLT

The high-performance INDIVIDUAL LOW TEMP. INCUBATOR with excellent efficiency in making optimized distribution of heat & user-friendly control based on precise mechanism

FTLT model


  • The temperature is adjustable between 15°C~60°C by pressing buttons.
  • Press up key or down key during 3 seconds for move temperature change
  • With LED display
  • Down: Temp. Decrease 0.1°C
  • Up: Temp. Increment 0.1°C


Temp Controller Digital PID control
Digital PID control 0.3~0.5 m/sec (9-phase controllable)
Temp Range 15°C~60°C
Cooling Capacity 15°C~60°C (in 20°C, Room temp.)
Heating Capacity 50°C~60°C (in 25°C, Room temp.)
Temp Increment ±0.1°C
Internal Dimension (mm) 250 (W) x 220 (D) x 330 (H)
External Dimension (mm) 320 (W) x 370 (D) x 450 (H)
Capacity 20 Liter
Insulation Polyurethan foam 30 mm
Cooling Unit Thermoelectric elements climatic class : N
Light Function Built in light
Power AC 110~220 V (DC 12 V), 50/60 Hz
Input  70 W
Weight 8 Kg
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co
Web address