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Inductive online TDS meter, DDG-2080C 


#Online TDS Meter-DDG-2080C


BOQU conductivity meter and conductivity sensor widely used in global,production capacity has been over 100 000pcs.TDS,Salinity and Resistivity meter use same conductivity sensor in different program.customers should confirm the application and required range before production,because there is many different range for conductivity sensor,such as :ultra pure water: 0~20μS/ cm(K=0.01),pure water is 0~200μS/ cm(K=0.1),drinking water is 200~500μS/ cm (K=1.0)in Shanghai China.max range of BOQU conductivity is 2000ms/cm.max working temperature is 180℃ by toroidal conductivity sensor(inductive conductivity sensor).it’s widely used for power plant,drinking water,waste water,food,Chemical production,Leak detection in heat exchangers,Acid and caustic dilution,Metal finishing, Plating bath control,Parts cleaning and rinsing,Pickling bath control,Waste streams,Semiconductors,Pulp and paper, Black, white or green liquor,Pulp bleaching food processing,Chemical peeling,Sanitisation (CIP),Environmental Wet chemical scrubbers,Cooling towers etc.

Online TDS Meter, DDG-2080C

Industrial inductive conductivity TDS meter is the new generation English microcomputer type top grade instrument produced in our company which is characterized y English show, English menu operation, intelligence, multi-functional, high measure property, strong environmental suitability, etc.. It can be widely used in continuous monitoring of electrical conductivity in thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water.The secondary meter with constant conductivity electrode 1.0 or 10 measuring common liquid; with 0.1 or 0.01 electrodes, can accurately measure the conductivity of pure water or ultra pure water, especially suitable for the on-line monitoring of power plant boiler feed water and steam condensate water and high water conductivity.

Basic functions

Intelligence Industrial inductive conductivity meter? adopts the high precision AD convert and single chip micro-processing technology which can fulfill the conductivity?measurement, temperature measurement,?temperature automatic compensation, range automatic change, instrument self inspection, etc..
High reliability Parts integrate in a circuit board without any complex function switch, regulation knot or potentiometer.
Strong resistance to interference Current output adopts photoelectricity coupling and isolation technology which holds strong resistance to interference and realizes long distance transmission as well as good electromagnetic compatibility.
Design with waterproof and dust-proof The degree of protection is IP65 which is suitable for outdoor operation.
25℃ translation It provide 25℃ base temperature translation of the measured conductivity, so the conductivity value at 25℃ can be directly displayed. This is particularly suitable for measurement of water quality in power plants.
Range automatic change Realization of range automatic change within the range of the electrode covered.
RS485 communication interface Easily connects to the computer for monitor and communication.
Phrase-sensitive detection Remove the affect on the hydrochloric acid concentration measurement by the wire.
Automatic change the measurement frequency avoid the polarization of electrode and improve the measure precision.

Main features

Display fully in English and user-friendly interface It uses high-resolution lattice graph-type LCD display module, and all data, status and operation prompts are displayed in English, without any symbols or codes defined by the manufacturer.
Simple menu structure and text-type man-machine interaction Compared with traditional instruments, is provided with many new functions. However, with sorted menu structure and the operation manner similar to PC, it can be conveniently and simply operated. Users need not remember the operation steps and sequences, and can operate it even without a user manual, just following the prompts on the screen.
Multi-parameter display in the same screen It displays several parameters in the same screen, including conductivity, output current, temperature, time and status. The main display area displays conductivity in 10×10mm, very striking and readable even far away; The 6 auxiliary display areas display in 5×5mm the output current, temperature, status, week, date and time, designed to meet different habits of users and provide time base for the instrument.

Technical parameters

Applicable standards JB/T 6855-93 <<Industrial Conductivity Meter>>
Conductivity measurement range 0.01~20μS/cm (with 0.01 electrode), actually up to 100.0μS/cm;

0.1~200μS/cm (with 0.1 electrode), actually up to 1000.0μS/cm;

1.0~2000μS/cm (with 1.0 electrode), actually up to 10000.0μS/cm;

10~20000μS/cm (with 10.0 electrode), actually up to 10000.0μS/cm;

30~600.0mS/cm (with 30.0 electrode).

With inductive conductivity electrode, the actual 2000.0mS/cm can be reached;

Basic error of electronic unit: conductivity Basic error of electronic unit: conductivity: ±0.5%FS; temperature: ±0.3℃;
Range of automatic temperature compensation Range of automatic temperature compensation: 0~99.9℃, 25℃ being the base;
Tested water 0~99.9℃, 0.6MPa;
Basic error of the instrument ±1.0%FS; temperature: ±0.5℃;
Automatic temperature compensation error of electronic unit ±0.5%FS;
Repetition error of electronic unit ± 0.2%FS±1 word
Stability of electronic unit ±0.2%FS±1 word/24h
Isolated current output 0~10mA (load <1.5 kΩ), 4~20 mA (load <750 Ω);
Output current error ≤±1%FS;
Error of electronic unit due to ambient temperature impact ≤±0.5%FS;
Error of electronic unit due to power voltage impact ≤±0.3%FS;
Alarming relay AC220V, 3A;
RS485 communication interface;
Power supply AC220V±22V, DC24V(Option)
Protection grade IP65;
Clock precision  ±1 minute/month;
Data storage quantity Data of 1 month (1 point per 5 minutes);
Data storage period without power 10 years;
Overall dimension 146mm x 146mm x 108mm;
Opening dimension 138mm x 138mm;
Working condition Ambient temperature 0~60℃; Relative humidity <85%;
It can match 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 30 and inductive conductivity electrode etc six kinds of conductivity electrode