Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Module-BD200


#Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter


Model BD200 industrial online dissolved oxygen transmitter is tour company for high-temperature pharmaceutical and chemical fields such as interference in the development of a more transmission module, with a small size, accurate measurement, high anti-interference ability etc advantage.


Fermentation tank Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals industry Food and beverage Chemical production Paper, starch pulp, petroleum smelting, Ion exchanger regeneration, boiler water, cooling water etc.


Economical solution for high temperation conditon,temp compensation up to 130C.

Suitable for High temperature fermentation, sterilization condition

Easy operation and long working time.

Technical parameters

 Model BD200 Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
 Measuring range 0.00-20.0mg/L / 1%FS,0.0 – 300% / 1%FS
Temp. compensation NTC22K, (>80℃, output 0)
Temp. compensation range -10.0 to +130.0℃
Power supply 24VDC (20-36VDC no positive and negative)
Output 4-20mA
Calibration two points
Polarization -0.675V
Installation 35mm standard rail installation
Working conditon 0-60℃, related humidity <85% (without condensation)