IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer


IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer LCSA–A10 is a unit for determination of sulphur and carbon equipped with two treatment units including a high frequency induction burner and flexible temperature settings with automatic control. With an analysis time of 20 to 100 seconds and a sensitivity of 0.1 ppm the multi-shielded isolation circuit prevents the machine for high frequency interference. High speed 24-bit sampling improves sensitivity and accuracy.


  • Ultra-low analysis with double carbon and sulphur ( automated switching )
  • 24-bit sampling for improved accuracy and sensitivity
  • Real time monitoring of carbon and sulphur curve
  • Carbon monoxide to dioxide conversion device
  • Auto cleaning and ultra-micro porous metallic dust filter
  • High precision pyro electric IR detectors
  • Low pressure heating circle for improved sulphur conversion
  • High frequency furnace using optical fiber
  • Internal pressure conceal , air tightness and filtering
  • Statistical data device for counting and online data transfer
  • Automated leakage detection ( overflow alarm )
  • Automatic dust cleaning improves analytical end results
  • High pressure ash discharge for thorough cleaning of dust within pipes
  • Platinum IR light source for continual heating and high spectral efficiency


Carbon analytical precision RSD ≤ 0.5 %
Sulphur analytical precision RSD ≤ 1 %
Sampling per second 24 times
Relative humidity < 75 %
Room temperature 10 ~ 30 °C
Sensitivity 0.1 ppm
Carbon detection pool Can add low carbon pool
Sulphur detection pool Can add high sulphur pool
Analysis time 35 seconds ( can be set 20 to 100 seconds )
Weighing precision 0.0001 g
Power ≥ 2.7 kV
Voltage 220 V
Oscillation frequency 20 MHz
Frequency 50 Hz
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