LKA-A10 Kjeldahl analyzer, UK


Kjeldahl Analyzer LKA-A10 is a complete microcomputer controlled user-friendly automatic device integrating distillation and titration functions. It is compatible with 42 mm digestion tubes and has features such as automatic waste discharge and cleaning of digestion tubes and titration cups, control steam flow and real time detection of distillation temperature. Along with High-accuracy Charging Pump and Titration system, it is also equipped with large LCD touch screen panel, faster ARM system and multiple fluid level detection system to ensure smooth test process.

Available Range :

Measuring Range : 0.1 mg-200 mg N Measuring Range : 0.1 mg-240 mg N


  • Microcomputer controlled system ensures automatic completion of distillation, titration, calculation, printing and waste discharge
  • Provides multiple protections i.e., failure-self detection, hints of condensed water shortage, displacement of safety door and digestion tube
  • Large LCD touch screen enables visual operation
  • Double distillation model
  • High precision charging pump and titration system
  • Automatic waste discharge and cleaning of digestion tubes and titration cups
  • Provision to control steam flow
  • Real time detection of distilled liquid temperature
  • External titration cup design gives operator real-time control of the entire test process
  • Reagent barrel gives fluid absence warning ensuring smooth functioning of test process
  • Digestion tube fast drain function is used to protect the operator
  • Faster ARM system to ensure fast operation
  • USB or RS 485 interface is optional for PC connection
  • User friendly design
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