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Kjeldahl Steam Distillation – Semi-Automatic Pro-Nitro S


Similar to the Tecator Kjeltec 2200 and 2300, the Semi-Automatic Pro-Nitro S is used for the semi-automatic determination of organic nitrogen (Kjeldahl Method).

Features of the Pro-Nitro S Kjeldahl Steam Distillation unit:

  • Distillation by steam generation
  • Steam generator with safety thermostat, over temperature and over pressure device
  • Safety: Door closed, that prevents distillation if open
  • Universal adapter for MACRO (Ø 42 mm) and MICRO (Ø 26 mm) distillation tubes
  • Tube-in-place Sensor: If the tube is not located, the dosing process of NaOH will not take place
  • Space saving in the laboratory: the reservoirs for the H2O, NaOH, Boric Acid are located inside the unit
  • Empties the digestion/distillation tubes and the collector automatically
  • Green LED 2 digit display
  • Distillation Program: Add NaOH, Add Boric Acid, Distillation Time, Empty Tube
  • Acoustic Indicator at the end of the cycle
  • Automatic Distillate Titration Kit – Optional
Model: Pro-Nitro S Semi-Automatic Kjeldahl
Measuring Range, Nitrogen: (mg) 0.2 to 200
Nitrogen recovery: (%) > 99.4
Distillation Speed: (mL/min) from 35 to 45
Coolant Water Consumption: (L/hr) 80 to 100
Steam Generator Water Consumption: (L/hr) 2
Steam Generator Water Reservoir Capacity: (L) 6
NaOH Reservoir Capacity: (L) 2
Boric Acid Reservoir Capacity: (L) 2
Titrant Reagent Reservoir: (L) 2
Typical Distillation Time: (min) 7 to 10 minutes
Dimensions: W × D × H (mm) 500 × 500 × 750
Power: (V, Hz) 230, 60
Weight: (kg) 32