Lab Automatic Glassware Washer, BK-LW220



The lab glassware washers integrate programmed cleaning, disinfecting and drying functions to clean all glassware stuff, for beaker, flask, pipette, petri dish, burette, measuring cylinder, test tube etc.


  1. High efficient cleaning system, designed with European reliable pump, optimized spray arm and nozzles, and self-cleaning program;
  2. Rapid and efficient drying system, designed with independent air heater, HEPA filter and  drying process;
  3. Water heating temperature can reach 99℃, while hot air drying temperature can reach 120℃;
  4. Professional configuration design—stainless steel for corrosion resistance;reinforced glass window mounted to achieve a clear view on washing process;

5.PLC touch screen control with preset 6 programs and 99 cutomized programs

  1. Safety protection—electronic security door lock to prevent unexpected door opening, water & drying air temperature dual control and equipped with emergency switch.

Standard Washing Procedure (can be self-designed by the user):

Pre-cleaning→Washing with cleaner→Rinse→Washing with neutralization→Rinse→Washing with hot water→Drying


Model BK-LW120 BK-LW220 BK-LW320 BK-LW420
Capacity 120L 220L 320L 420L
Water Consumption/Cycle 15L 25L
Inlet Water Pressure 0.03~0.8Mpa
Noise ≤50dB ≤55dB
Material Internal materia: SS316, Outer material: SS304
Overall Power Consumption 6KW 6.5/16.5KW 6.5/18KW 18kW
Power Consumption-Water Washing 0.75KW 1.5 KW 2.8KW
Power Consumption-Water Heating 5KW 5/15KW 15KW
Power Consumption-Drying 2.1 KW 3.6KW
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz AC220V, 50Hz; 380V, 50Hz 380V, 50Hz
Cleaning Racks 1 pcs 2 pcs 3 pcs 2 pcs
Standard Cleaning Racks BKIR36*1 BKIR36*2 BKIR36*3 BKIR36*2
Standard Accessories One bucket RBS A 155 leaner (1 L), One bucket RBS A 375 neutralizer (1 L)
Optional Accessories USB interface, printer, Cleaning racks Cleaning racks
Washer Chamber Size(W*D*H)mm 600*629*465 600*629*658 600*629*820 688*700*703
External Size(W*D*H)mm 960*740*850 780*690*1760 790*690*1950 1100*900*2165
Package Size(W*D*H)mm 1100*950*1050 1000*850*2100 1000*840*2180 1270*1025*2240
Gross Weight(kg) 145 330 350 400