Laboratory Muffle furnace SX-5-12, 5KW, 1200°C, ESMC, Wincom, China


Laboratory Muffle furnace SX-5-12, 5KW, 1200°C, Wincom, China

  • Model: SX-5-12
  • Brand: Wincom
  • Origin: China
laboratory muffle furnace 1200°C


Muffle furnace SX-5-12 Feature

  • This SX series of Muffle furnace is used for element analyzing in labs,
  • mineral enterprises and science research institutes; other applications include
  • small size steel heating, annealing and tempering.
  • Capacity: 5 Liter
  • Rated power: 5KW
  • Rated temp: 1200°C
  • Working room size: 300x200x120mm

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