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Laminar flow and safety cabinet FTLST series


#FTLST series laminar flow & safety cabinet #Laminar flow & safety cabinet FTLST series

The optimized efficiency of the newly developed LAMINAR FLOW & SAFETY CABINET with the advanced functions designed for Biological Safety Class Ⅱ type

FTLST series


The newest gas-spring is effectively adopted into the opening & closing system of the front door so this up-to-date mechanism helps end users to make very easy opening and closing of the front door without taking the least strength. With the specialized sound absorbing materials, it successfully reduces noise more than any other products. Very quiet operating mechanism. The smooth stainless steel work surface and glass window assure optimized sanitary working conditions for the materials handled.


Main Filter HEPA filter (99.97% efficient at 0.3 micron particles)
Pre filter High-efficiency nylon filter
Air Velocity 0.3~0.5 m/sec (9-phase controllable)
Air Flow Meter Analog manometer or hour meter (option)
Filter & Efficiency Recirculation of 70% of purified air through main ULPA filter/Exhaust of the rest 30% to outside via assistant HAPA filter
Illumination Fluorescent lamp 40 W x 2 EA or 20 W x 2 EA
Sterilizing UV lamp, 20 W x 2 EA
Controller LCD microprocessor (filter change alarm)
Internal Material Steel plate with powder coating
External Material Steel plate with powder coating
Window High temperature safety glass of thickness 5 mm
Door Sliding glass door/Tempered safety glass
Utility Air cock, Gas cock, Electric outlets (110 V/220 V)
Supply Voltage &  AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, Frequency
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co
Web address Elitetradebd.com
E-mail elitetradebd@gmail.com






Internal Dimension (L x D x H) (mm) 960 x 580 x 670 1,160 x 580 x 670 1,460 x 580 x 670 1,660 x 580 x 670
External Dimension (L x D x H) (mm) 1,100 x 770 x 1,300 1,300 x 770 x 1,300 1,600 x 770 x 1,300 1,800 x 770 x 1,300


MODEL: FTSP-35 portable type

Motor: Oil-less piston vacuum pump

On/Off s/w: Toggle/Foot type

Flow Rate: 35 Liter/min

Power: Ac 220 V, 60 Hz, 150 W