Laminar flow cabinet, Horizontal; LF-H series


Horizontal laminar flow cabinet; LF-H series

Brand: Taisite; Origin: USA; Assemble in China


Laminar flow cabinet is necessary basic equipment for biologic technical researches and experiments. It is widely applicable in the field of pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, environmental monitoring and electronic instruments for purifying air in the operation area.


  • SUS 304 stainless steel working surface, anti-rust and easy to clean and disinfect;
  • High quality low noise centrifugal fan ensures the stable speed. Touch type air flow control system, the five sections wind speed control.
  • Tempered glass sliding door, can be adjusted to stop at any position;
  • LED bar to show the working status;
  • with lighting lamp and UV lamp


Product name: Horizontal laminar flow cabinet, LF-H series
Model: LF-H700 LF-H1200
Detachable Structure
Single person, Single side Double person, Single side
Airflow direction: Horizontal






Air cleanness Level 100
Filtration efficiency 0.3um granule,≥99.9%
Bacteria count ≤0.5/Petri dish (Φ90mm)
Wind speed 0.2-0.6m/s (adjustable)
Noise level ≤62db


Semi-peak value
Illumination intensity ≥300LX (Work centre
Work surface bearing 50KG






Controller LED LED
Work surface Stainless Steel
Shell material Spraying cold rolled steed
Work door Null
HEPA filter 760x610x50mm x1 610x610x50mm x2
Low efficient Filter 760x610x50mm x1 610x610x50mm x2
Visible lamp 20Wx1 20Wx1
UV lamp 20Wx1 20Wx1
Fan motor 300Wx1 300Wx1




Working Size (WxDxH)mm 660x650x570 1210x660x570
Exterior Size (WxDxH)mm 840x825x1430 1300x810x1440
Packing Size (WxDxH)mm 1040x1020x1620 1460x990x1570
Max Power 0.4Kw 0.8Kw
Power source/Rated current AC-50/60Hz, 220V /1.8A AC-50/60Hz, 220V /3.6A
Net weight 120Kg 170Kg
Gross weight 170Kg 235Kg
Product categories: Cleaning equipment
Local distributor: Elite Scientific and Meditech Co
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