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Lightfastness Blue Wool Standard, 12×6.5cm

AATCC Standard of Fade for Blue Wool, size 12x6.5cm

20 AFU & 5 AFU Blue Wool Lightfastness Standard


Use Blue Wool Lightfastness Standard specimens to calibrate and verify lightfastness testing as specified in applicable AATCC Test Methods. Measure 20 AATCC Fading Units (AFU) (85 kJ/m2nm @ 420 nm) or 5 AFU (21 kJ/m2nm @ 420 nm). L2 is approved for use in place of L4 for 20 AFU tests. AATCC L2 Blue Wool Lightfastness Standard is called out as a  weathering reference material in SAE J2412-2004. SAE is an independent organization, and questions related to SAE standards must be directed to SAE.

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