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Lutron Electronic


Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd

Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 and has been the Taiwan’s leading manufacturer in the fields of Test & Measurement Instruments for more than 43 years. Nowadays, there are about 120 employees in our company, and the factory’s building size is around 6,410 square meters / 69,000 feet.

We have devoted ourself to launch the most comprehensive and professional instruments to the markets, and almost 95% of our products are exported to over 80 countries in the world. Therefore, LUTRON has won an excellent global reputation via its high quality products and remarkable R&D ability.

Being an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, you can be confident that all of our products will meet or exceed your quality requirements. In order to provide the most competitive pricing, we have set up our SMT manufacturing facility to produce top-quality, well-designed and economical products.

We have also kept on expanding our product lines to serve customers’ needs, so we invest a lot of time and cost in R&D to reform and develop new products every year. Furthermore, we always share the fruitful development results with our customers, and provide them 100% technique support to solve the problems.

Just as usual, we have been developing many new marvelous products for you, please feel free to contact us if any of them interest you.

Product Range:

2014 Economical series,
ACA leakage meters,
Air quality meter,
Anemometers (heavy duty probe),
Anemometers (vane type),
Cable checker/Cable identifier,
Capacitance decade box,
Car testers, Automotive testers,
Chlorine meter,
Clamp meters (Power clamp),
CO2 meter,
Conductivity meters, TDS meters,
Data loggers,
Earth tester,
Electromagnetic field testers,
EMF testers (Low frequency),
Electrostatic field meter,
Force gauges, Force gauge test stand,
Frequency counters,
Fruit hardness tester,
Humidity Transmitters,
Inductance decade box,
Insulation testers,
Light meters (Lux meters),
Milliohm meters,
Monitor/Data recorder,
O2 meter,
Oxygen meters (Dissolved
Oxygen meters),
pH electrodes,
Photo sensor (Photo interrupter),
Power analyzers, Watt meters,
Pressure sensor,
Proximity sensor,
Recorder / Data recorder,
RF Detector,
Salt meter,
Sensors, Probes, Electrodes,
Software (data acquisition, data logger),
Sound level meters,
Tachometers (photo, contact, laser),
Temperature probes,
Thermometers (Infrared, no contact
Thermometers (PT 100, PT 1000 ohm),
Torque meters, Torque wrench,
Turbidity meter,
USB memory stick data recorder,
UV light meters (UVA, UVC),
Vibration meters,
Water resistant bag,
Weather/Sport meters,
3 phase rotation, motor testers,
Adapters for DMMs & Clamps,
Altitude meter,
Anemometers (Hot wire, Pitot tube),
App (for Android, IOS),
Bench meters (ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA,
pH/ORP, Oxygen, Conductivity/TDS),
Calibrator, Simulator, Checker,
Capacitance meters,
Carrying case & holsters,
Clamp meters (DCA, ACA),
CO meter,
Color analyzer,
Controllers (Alarm/Monitor), full line,
DMM, Mulitimeter,
Education products,
Electromagnetic field testers,
EMF testers (Radio frequency),
Environment meter,
Fork current (AC/DC) tester,
Frequency monitors (Line frequency),
Heat index WBGT meter,
Humidity/Temp./Dew point meter,
Inductive pick up sensor,
LCR meters,
Magnetic meter,
Micro wave leakage detector,
Moisture meters (wood, concrete,
timber, paper, gypsum…),
Negative ion water tester,
(Akaline ion water tester),
ORP meters, ORP electrodes,
Panel meters (V, A, RPM, Hz, Temp.),
pH meters,
Power adapter,
Pressure meters,
Pressure transducers, Pressure transmitters
RCCB tester
(Residual current breaker tester)
Resistance Decade Box
RS-232 Converter, Controller/Monitor
Scales, Balances
Simulator, Calibrators, Checker
Solar power meter
TDS (Total dissolved solids) meters
Tester leads, Alligators, clips,
RS232 cable, USB cable, power adaptor,
Thermometers (Pen type),
Thermometers (Thermocouple),
Transmitters, full line,
Ultrasonic Leakage Detector,
Ultrasonic transmitter,
USB power to DC 9V converter,
Vacuum meter,
Water quality meters (Pure water tester),
Watt meters (Power Analyzer),
Wi-Fi Converter,