Lyophilizer freeze dryer with Vacuum Pump


User-friendly Freeze dryer. Fit to systemization depending on your purpose.

Main Application

Drying samples such as protein
Drying of food sample for analysis
For other applications which requires lyophilization


Available of nitrogen gas purge and output signal of recorder for vacuum

When vacuum is released, it can make it filled up with N2 (nitrogen) gas etc. instead of air (nozzle Pisco φ6mm).When connecting cylinder, it becomes entry speed of about 1 L/min and below 0.1MPapressure.It also available of output signal of vacuum recorder by RS-232C.Optional connection cable is available.

User-friendly operation

It starts cooling chamber in 5 minutes after powered on.Blue LED is lit and tells you when reach to trapping temperature.

Designed to minimize influence by sample contamination.

A trap chamber or pipes are all made of stainless and connected each other with vacuum hoses free from dusts. It makes easier operation for analytical purpose since it uses 0.22 μm filters at leakage path.

Perfect cold tarpping of sublimated moisture.

Direct cooling system which vapor is coagulated and collected on the coil surface in chamber directly which means cooling temperature almost equals to the trapping temperature.

Quick thawing of trapped moisture by hot gas

You can thaw ice in short time by pressing “defrost button” with hot gas flowing around the coil. It can thaw ice the portion of dehumidified amount for about 30 minutes.


Model VD-250R
Cooling temperature -45ºC (with no load) (*)
Trap capacity Approx. 500ml/ time
Chamber volume Approx. 4L (inner dia. ∅160 x 205mm)
Cooler 250W
Vacuum pump Option (recommend oil vacuum pump with reached vacuum degree below 50Pa and displacement volume more than 100L/ min)
Vacuum hose connection diameter Outer dia. ∅22mm (3/8 screw inside, convert to different diameter is available)
Vacuum release Attached solenoid valve for vacuum release
(N2 gas charge combination, connection of hose Pisco φ6mm)
Safety device / function Leakage breaker (+over current)
Dimensions 375 x 420 x 525Hmm
Weight Approx. 34kg
Power Supply AC100V 6A (main body)
AC100V 15A (max. used both pump and chamber)
Standard Accessory Table mat x 1
(*) value at +5ºC – +35ºC.
Vacuum gauge and solenoid valve don’t work without turn ON pump switch when pump is not linked. Power supply from the electric power board is recommended when linked with pump.
Chambers, multi tubes and connectors, see optional parts.
Vacuum pump is option.
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